All of the "EZ-FILL" inkjet refill inks supplied by utech are made by
the professional ink manufacturers in USA, whose inks are also being.

utilized by the compatible cartridge manufacturers and refill ink suppliers from Canada, Japan, Hongkong and Singapore.

Our R&D staff has conducted a series of strict printer testing to ensure constant ink

Wea have also devoted to develop and design user friendly refill kits to make refill so easy and effective.

All of the refill kits are made out of our own moulding, each step is meticulously engineered and monitored.

Utech's mission is to provide the highest quality and cost effective ink with most easy way to refill cartridge, "EZ-FIL"refill ink is the best choice, it's the guarantee of a thoroughly tested quality ink which can meet OEM standards and to satisfy the unigue customers' need.